Meet the Pioneers: Heart Uy

Heart Angela Uy is a young 16-year-old dancer! She has been a member of UPeepz for 5 years now. Initially started out as a captain of the junior team, LilPeepz, the First Filipino junior team to make it to the Finals of HipHop International. There she received place 4th and later she became a member of VPeepz, NBC’s World of Dance Junior Team Division Champions for season 3. Her biggest achievement so far as a dancer is she has been a part of the first-ever Filipino dance group that qualified for NBC’s World of Dance. She will soon be part of a dance video challenge app.

Heart has always had this passion for dance ever since she was young and her family always supported her with her dreams. She explored learning many different sports but she realized dancing is what made her the happiest. Heart decided to pursue dance because of three things. Dance helps her express herself. Dance helps to connect with other people. And dance helps her bring pride to her home country.

Being only 16 years old and still being able to dance so well is definitely an achievement. Heart is always willing to learn more as days pass by and improve what she already knows. Her creative process is really different as she sees to it that she is doing the best and out of her comfort zone. She also manages to do something that is comfortable after a great amount of practice and perseverance.

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