Meet the Pioneers: Eiana Claire Nova

Eiana Claire Nova is one of our youngest Chuzi Pioneers. She’s from Zambales Philippines. She started dancing when she was two years old. She tagged along with her mother and used to watch a lot of KPop songs with her in the office. She used to imitate the dance steps earlier, and then went on to make her own moves. Her parents didn’t support her at first, but they, later on, understood that their daughter has talent. Her dad put her in a dance workshop in Olongapo City, and her life’s changed since then. Eiana is a Dance Challenge Video enthusiast. She’s been looking for a Tiktok alternative.

She won the Electro Groovers with her junior team in 2019. She, along with A-Team won the silver medal at the Hip Hop International 2019. She has also represented her country in the King of Buck Championship in 2019.

To know more about Eiana, click here.

Eiana will show off her dance skills exclusively on the Chuzi app, the only app where you can record your dance challenge videos and rack up points on the leaderboards when you win votes.

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