Cyrus Labarda is a senior member of Kinection from the Philippines. His dance style is Dancehall. Cyrus has been trained and studied Dancehall for years, until now. Now, he is one of the Chuzi pioneers of the video dance challenge app, Chuzi. Cyrus feels that he is having the freedom to share a part of himself, his mind, emotions, and soul while doing the dance. So, this is the reason Cyrus pursued dancing. Cyrus will soon be part of an online dance competition app which is also an Tiktok alternative.

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Cyrus’s creative process is quite simple. He chooses a piece of music that interests him the most, he studies it, and he works around that music. Being the back-to-back champion in Chosen Grounds 14 & 15 are the biggest achievements in his dancing career. Currently, he joined an online competition but mostly he is working on training himself and growing as a dancer.

As Cyrus is now a Chuzi Pioneer, we can get to see his many amazing dance videos and dance challenges on our dance challenge app, Chuzi. So, Download Chuzi App now and be a part of our Chuzi platform.