Inspired by her parents to dance at a young age. Averyl Eurie Villamayor is now a pioneer of Chuzi. She started dancing when she was 4 years old. Ballet was her go-to in the initial stages of dancing but stopped after she entered college. Dance is therapy and Eurie believes in it too as dance tends to act like a machine that sucks all the negativity and problems out of her life. She will soon be part of a dance video app.

She learned many different genres of dance like dancesport, jazz, and most specifically street dance/hip hop. After Eurie’s graduation, she joined Kinection and is still a member of the group. Currently, she is an active member of the Axis (Axis Xystems In Sync) dance company.

Like every dancer, Eurie wants to explore more in the dance world and follow the creative process of balancing Dance and life equally. Being a versatile dancer as well as having the basic knowledge of any dance style is an achievement. Bigger stages of achievements are where she danced, competed, and represented her hometown Phillippines in countries like China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Macau.