Chuzi is a platform for the creators who can use this platform as there new go to place. Chuzi App becomes a go-to as the creators can use this platform to express their creativity and promote authenticity through challenges. This is a very first dance challenge app in the Philippines. The app’s platforms will let you upload short dance videos. The creators can create dance challenges and challenge other creators. The decision-making of a winner of the dance challenge is in the hands of the audience or voters. Here voters are the Kingmakers and decide who is the winner of the challenge will be and make the dancers take a place on the Chuzi Leaderboard.

This Dance Challenge App is a platform to interact and bring out the creative you. It helps to kill time with online challenges. The challenges based on food, beauty, and many more based on the grounds of creativity. Dancers can now share their talents with the world without it having to be a stage competition to be recognized. This app will give dancers the spotlight nationally and internationally. 

Chuzi lets the dancers express their creativity and promote authenticity through challenges. Also, the voters decide who they want to see in the Spotlight or Leaderboard. Everyone can consider Chuzi as an opportunity to showcase talent, creativity, and authenticity.  Chuzi App is a TikTok Alternative. For the dancers who have been active on tik tok can now be a part of Chuzi and use the platform to showcase their talents. 

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Download Chuzi App.

Learn how to dance confidently – with the most popular app for dancers- Chuzi

1) Get out of your comfort zone

The one who wants to be a part of the app has go get out their comfort zone as Bridges wouldn’t move and tables wouldn’t turn from your own little bubble. So step out and let your body take control. Groove the way you feel like listening to the beats.

2) Choose your music

Select the music that makes your heart happy. The music that makes you groove to its beats is the music for you. Select it and start following the rhythm of your heart.

3) You are the Star

Let the creative side of you take over and surprise the world. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can do and cannot you be your own star. Dance like nobody is watching. 

4) Learn with Us

Here we have creators that will teach you steps. You can learn from it and upload your own videos. Later challenge other dancers. 

5) Be different, not better

When you are dancing you don’t have to be the best but be original and put all your energy and passion into the dancing.

Download the app to know more about it. We at Udou Have one objective of bringing up challenges that people have not done. Improvising the challenges that already exist and people will use this platform as a way to connect to each other. We want to promote challenges through our articles and be appealing enough for the audience to engage on the website and our social media channels. 

To know more about Chuzi App stay active and subscribed. The app is available on Playstore and is compatible with Android as well as iOS.

Download the App from playstore to experience a whole new platform that’s made for the dance community.