Leaderboard Top List (July 5)

Alex Batisil

Alex Batisil is on the top of the Chuzi Leaderboard for this week! Alex is the team captain of the Kingsmen PH and assistant coach in the Fusion Davao,

Alex has been rocking the dance floor since 2015 and is a prominent face in local, national and international dance competitions. You have seen him in competition like World Supremacy Battlegrounds, Dance Delight, Ego Supreme Crew Wars, Hop Hop International and several more.,

Alex started his dance journey when he was a kid, and his cousin brother and brother introduced him to the world of dance. He is fond of the Locking style.

He is already honed for the big leagues. Alex won the Silver Medal at the World HipHop Dance Championship in 2018.

Batisil leads the pack with 6000 points.

Jesse Gotangco

Our second leader of the pack this week is Jesse Gotangco. Gotango wears several hats, including that of a coach and a freelance host. He’s from the Soulstice Crew, Loko Worldwide and Tha Project. Reflex started his journey into the world of dance at the age of 7.

He’s been dancing on a professional level since 2004. He considers several top dancers from the Philippines as his mentors and teachers. Batisil has bboying and street dancing experience as well.

Batisil has, until now, won 5 International titles. He’s also worked in a Toyota commercial and has been the judge on several international dance reality shows.

Reflex has wound up 1756 points.


Nova rounds off the top of the list this week. The young turk is just thirteen years old, and started dancing since she was two years old. She started her dance journey when she was introduced to her K Pop music when her mother played them.  Her relatives understood her talent when she danced as a youth, telling her that she had different steps than the others.  Her parents soon enrolled her in a dance class.  She then started performing for auditions.

Since then, Nova has auditioned and performed on several reality shows, including World of Dance Manila, Radikal Force Jam and solo dance performances including Dance Manila All-Style Battle 2018.

She has racked up  more than a 1000 points.

The results for the Leaderboard will be updated everyday at 8 PM Phillipines time.

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