Josh Junio is a visual artist, full-time dancer, performer, choreographer, and dance teacher. This dance pioneer for the dance challenge app is also the Founder and Co-Director of TPM, and a member of Manoeuvers Ignite.

Dance is both an art and a profession. But for Josh, it has always been so much more. He describes dance as a compass, an outlet, and a form of protest. He believes that dancing is a way of life and can express what we see, feel, and experience. Dance allows people to connect not only individuals, but also cultures, communities, and generations.

Josh explores the unfamiliar, and by using his knowledge and abilities, he effortlessly transforms his idea into reality and creates remarkable choreography. His greatest accomplishment is his potential to influence others and share his craft.

He is now one of Chuzi’s famed dance challenge app’s dance pioneer in the Philippines. Chuzi is the finest platform to showcase their skills and battle other dancers.

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