Chuzi app is one of the most exciting apps in the entertainment space in the Philippines. The app fills the gap of a short video platform in the Philippines. There are several such apps in the Philippines, but Chuzi has a unique proposition to its users. And that’s something Filipinos haven’t experienced as yet.

The Chuzi app is unique because it offers its users an opportunity to not just view dance videos but also allows the app users to challenge each other via dance videos. And what’s more, the decision to choose which is the best video is completely democratic. The other users of the app, vote for their favorite dancers via the app. It also offers users a unique proposition of a dance video challenge app.

What is Chuzi?

Chuzi is a dance challenge app, where one can upload their short-form dance videos and invite other dancers to a challenge. The decision-making of a winner of the dance challenge is in the hands of the audience or voters. Here voters are the Kingmakers and decide who is the winner of the challenge will be and make the dancers take a place on the Chuzi Leaderboard.

Who is Chuzi’s audience?

Creators, Voters, and brands are the audience of the Chuzi app. Creators are those who create their short dance videos and participate in challenges. Users are those who cast votes to support their favorite dancers. Users are also called Kingmakers. Brands are those who partner with dancers who are leading the Chuzi Leaderboard.

How does Chuzi work?

  • A dancer challenges a fellow dancer.
  • Voters will decide whose performance was better.
  • Dancers will earn points from winning, and those with the highest scores will make it to the Chuzi Leaderboard.

On Chuzi, by challenging other dancers, one can earn more points and also expose themselves to a broader audience. If anyone is a top-ranking creator, then they will take their place in the Spotlight. Dancers who will make it to the Spotlight will have the opportunity to be partnered with the Brands. Chuzi does this by featuring them in the Marketplace.

What makes Chuzi different from other apps?

Chuzi lets the dancers express their creativity through challenges, lets voters decide who they want to see in the Spotlight, and lets brands choose who they want to partner with. On Chuzi, everyone has a choice that is not available on other apps.

The Chuzi app is the best platform for all the budding dancers to showcase their dancing nationally and internationally. 

Download Chuzi app and participate in dance challenges.

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