Performers are gonna perform – whether it’s at home or outside. Dancers are waiting to get back showcasing their talents, the dance community of Philippines are ready to do what they do  best – entertain. 

We are proud to introduce  Chuzi – the Philippines First and only authentic  video challenge app. That’s not just a platform for entertainers to showcase themselves, but challenge others and find out who wins. 


Are you a Creator or a Star Maker?

In Chuzi, whatever your role is, your actions matter! Creators go head-to-head to see if they have the right stuff to win by challenging other creators. The Star Makers get to vote on their favourite videos and performances in each Chuzi challenge. Turn that like into a vote and earn points for your vote!

Whichever role you want to play, you get to climb up the leaderboards by either winning challenges or being an active voter!

Be a Creator and show them what you got! 

Who is the best dancer in The Philippines?

Take the Chuzi VS challenge and find out where you rank!

Simply ReBrand and RePost your current short form videos that you have shared on your other social media platforms to Chuzi making them available to be challenged by other Chuzi challengers that have also uploaded and posted their current videos.

Chuzi is a 3 step dance challenge app. 

Chuzi is the ultimate dance app to showcase your skills to a vibrant, enthusiastic audience. 

Rebrand and Repost

Your existing video and take the Chuzi challenge to earn points and climb the leaderboard all while transforming your Video into a valuable digital asset.

The Chuzi app is one of the unique apps that allow the users to be hyper-interactive. simple,  upload videos of your performances and throw a challenge to other Chuzi challengers.


3. Share and invite friends to vote

The more friends you invite to vote for your challenge the more you receive to move up the chuzi challenge leaderboard, creating more value for your video!

Be a Star Maker and  make your vote count!

Being a Star Maker means you call the shots on who wins the dance challenges creators make. Vote for your friends, vote for who you think made the better dance video, it’s all up to you!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Chuzi best video challenge App right now for Android and iOS and let the challenges begin

The future of the video dance challenge is now! Let’s start challenging and voting for our favorites videos on Chuzi