Yayi Reyes is one of the finest female dance pioneers among our Chuzi pioneers. Because of her amazing dancing skills, she became a part of our Chuzi app. She is 27 years old and is from Davao City. She started dancing when she was around 9 to 10 years old. At that time, she joined rhythmic gymnastics and fell in love with how the fundamentals are used in sync with the music. However, she stopped going when she started high school. During that time, she is not active in dancing.

When she entered college, she joined the school’s dance organization and realized how beautiful dancing can be. Dancing gave her the calmness and enjoyment that she needed outside of her academics. It gave off excitement and inspiration. Since then, Yayi started learning various street dance styles like Hip Hop, Waacking, and Locking. As she learned to love dancing, it gave the passion that drove her to learn and do more of what she can. She even learned competitive ballroom dance and joined a competition. She makes time for herself and makes choreographies and also joins online workshops.

Yayi enjoys watching dance videos with different styles as she can create steps and develop new techniques from each of them. She also listens to random music in any type of genre to broaden her scope as she creates dance routines. Different music gives off different vibes and it is an interesting aspect of her creative process. Because it hones her versatility in creating dances from certain music genres, giving off different emotions every time.

Yayi doesn’t have a certain answer when it comes to the biggest achievement in her dancing journey. Because she feels that she has yet to discover her capabilities on how she can incorporate the fundamentals and styles she has learned that would yield how she grew as a dancer. Yayi is doing dance choreographies and dance challenges on some social media platforms. She feels that those platforms are great portals for learning and even teaching dance routines. She is building her in the dance industry and at the same time she is learning new techniques.

Chuzi is a great platform for Yayi to build name and fame in the dance industry. Chuzi allows the dancer to showcase their dancing skills both nationally and internationally. There will be dance challenges on Chuzi where dancers can challenge one another and win them. So, as a Chuzi pioneer, Reyes will also be a part of these challenges. So, download Chuzi app now to not miss the intense dance battles.