YANDREI ASHGYVEN B. PONCE is the full name of the little dynamite, Yandrei Ponce. She is just a 12-year old kid but she has achieved many things in her life. She blessed with extraordinary dancing skills and opportunities. Yandrei is from Gumaca, Quezon Province in the Philippines. This little girl is one of the dance pioneers of our dance app, Chuzi.

Yandrei’s dancing talent is first recognized by her mother. Her mother supported Yandrei a lot. She used to download some dance videos for Yandrei so that Yandrei could copy and learn the dance steps. At the age of only 6, her parents joined her for some auditions and dance competitions. Because of her talent and luck, she was successful in some of them.

She joined the “Minime” segment, a local noon-time show on Television, searching for kids doing the talents of their idols. She emerged as a daily winner of that show. From there, history began. Lots of people recognized her as a “Little Dance Princess”. Since then, she participated in many other talent competitions. Whenever she posts her dance cover on social media having synchronized dance moves with local and international choreographers, netizens love it. Some of her dance covers even hit Million views and became viral. 

Yandrei Ponce even appeared as a guest in some local tv shows to show her talent and to inspire lots of people, mainly the kids. This is the reason, she also got invited to showcase her dancing skills in Little Big Shot Philippines in September 2017 and Little Big Shots UK London in April 2018. She also joined World of Dance Philippines with her partner and became SEANDREI. Currently, she is a part of the A-team Juniors of Team Philippines, who represented the country for the World Hip-hop Dance Championship 2019 in August 2019 held in Arizona USA and they rank 7th place among 56 delegates from 51 countries all over the world. She is also attending Dance Training and workshops to enhance her dancing skills.

The main reason for her pursuing dance is that it is her passion and she loves what she is doing. She is so grateful for her supportive parents and also to all the people who believe in her talent. They are also one of the reasons why she wanted to pursue dancing as her career. In her dance covers, she usually imitates the dance choreography of any known choreographer and these videos become popular in no time. She has an application where there are two dance videos played at the same time.

When she became one of the representatives of Team Philippines for the World Hip-hop Dance Competition was the biggest achievement in her dancing career. Especially when people appreciate what she is doing, especially the kids.

Right now, because of the pandemic, she is just attending dance classes and continuing her virtual weekend training with A-Team juniors every Saturday and Sunday. She is still continuing to make and upload dance covers as she already has my followers who request and wait for her latest dance covers.

So, everyone download our exclusive app, Chuzi, to watch some amazing dance videos of Yandrei Ponce and be a part of some exciting dance battles.