Kurt Tyler Sato is from Cebu, Philippines. Originally he started as a performer for events from Kweens and then eventually ventured out to compete with his current crew, SZHD. The biggest achievements are having to compete on a national stage and getting the chance to represent his country on an international stage.  

Dance has always been his passion. Whether performing, competing, or just plain dancing. He grooves to the rhythm of the beats of a song and is in love with his style of dancing.  

The dance he creates is what defines Kurt; sexy, sultry, and a bit of power. The right kind of music makes his dance better. It is like a compliment to his dance style. 

If you are interested in knowing more about Sato make sure to be a part of his social media. Follow him on all social media accounts @kurttylersato and get to know him and see him dance on those platforms. 

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