Keena Laud, also known as Keena Banana is an 18-year old dancer who lives in Davao City where she discovered her dance community called GUDC (Groove Unlimited Dance Community) founded by master Bryan Grandeza. She is currently a member of Distinct feature, Studio 51, and Dancehall Davao. She considers these different teams as a major reason for her growth as an artist within the past few years. Together with her team, she had the chance to join different dance competitions like World Supremacy Battlegrounds and Hip Hop International. She was also a part of Distinct feature Jr. that competed in the nationals of  Hip Hop International 2015 and won a bronze medal for the junior division. They also represented the Philippines in the finals of World Supremacy Battlegrounds held in Sydney, Australia. 

After a few years, she started to join their mega crew division and represented Studio 51 in competitions where they won a bronze medal in the nationals of HHI 2019 and proceeded to represent the Philippines on the International stage held in Arizona, USA. After joining a few crew competitions, she tried to explore more about the Dancehall culture and participated in battles. Keena Laud was able to grab 1st place in the U-18 Choreo Competition of Dancehall Asia 2020 along with other local dancehall battles here in Davao city. 

The reason why she decided to pursue dance was because of the passionate dancers that she knew and idolized not only because of their skills but also because they respected the art of dance. When we are surrounded by hardworking and humble people, it will surely fuel us to achieve growth not only in dance but also in different aspects of life. And because of that, she had the courage to treat dance as part of her lifestyle. 

When choreographing or freestyling to certain music she really makes sure to connect to the music and allow her body to move naturally because this process allows her to ease tension in her mind and body that makes it easier for her to enjoy what she is doing. She also loves to watch dance videos before creating a piece because seeing different movements and vibe from other dancers encourages her to explore outside her comfort zone. 

Laud’s biggest achievement so far is being able to stay committed to working for her goals in dance despite not being able to train outside or be with her teammates. It was not easy for her to adapt and stay motivated in joining online dance classes or working out alone at home. But she always reminds herself to enjoy the process of learning and practice being more patient with herself. The journey wasn’t easy but It was definitely worth It, that’s why she considers this as a major achievement for herself. 

Keena Laud is really looking forward to sharing more of her craft with everyone and discover more talented people that she can learn from. She is hoping for more dance opportunities to come and because of that, she is very excited to be a part of one of the pioneers of the Chuzi app Philippines. She and we are inviting everyone to download the Chuzi app and support the different artists by liking or challenging their videos. This is a very great platform to showcase and discover talents.