Julie Ann Caparas Acha is from Carmona, Cavite, and one of our most exciting Chuzi Pioneers. She’s always had an interest in the world of dance, and one of her first dance partners was her dad, who would always tag along with her to Christmas gatherings.

She joined her first dance group in 2015 when she was a teenager. That’s when she realized that she just had to pursue dance.  She and her friends are in the dance world today. 

Acha has had troubled times, of course, like when she had to walk along highways to teach dance classes, sacrifice her career to pursue dance, and those little nick-nacks at home because of her pursuit of dance. 

Acha entered the world of dance because of her family, as they supported what she did. According to her, she wants to prove a point to her relatives by doing something big in the world of dance. She wants to make it a point to everyone that dancing can be a career. 

Acha’s creative process consists of listening to music, even if it’s not the genre that she likes. She believes that the more she explores music, she can choose the characters that she wants to depict through her dance and it helps her be versatile. According to her, dancers aren’t just creative but their style should have different aspects as well. 

She considers the adulation that she got at the DIY Choreo Competition that she got as her biggest adulation. 

She is part of the Cube Dance Studio, which has different dance teachers, including guests teachers who impart knowledge about the different types of dance styles.