John Matthew Quiambao aka Jomattz aka Prodigy is one of the leaders of Kinection, a member of Krumpinoy, The Empire, Original Flavor Crew, and Armoury Krump.

He is the certified judge of Hip Hop International and a faculty for the Cultural Center of the Philippines. John is a street-style battler, freestyler, choreographer, coach, emcee, and rapper.  He has been on major projects in the industry and community and has won freestyle battles, competitions in and out of the PH.  His career is at this stage because of his struggles and he believes in the future and what it has to offer.  

As a child John loved dancing and he brought that with him until the point that he was in college. Hip Hop Culture and street styles are the main factors why he lives this out. Learning and performing with the dancers of the PH dance community made him realize his passion. Keeping the lessons in his head he has come forward with it now. Started out competing through college dance competitions back in 2008 and fortunately, he got into the Philippine Allstars Fam and Krumpinoy.

The creative process differs with every dancer it really depends on the headspace. Things like thinking quickly about what’s needed for a certain moment.  For John most of the time, it is about the music and the vibe then apply techniques that he learns.  For him, dance is a language that he speaks with his movements.  He is not only a dancer but has a music career too. 

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