Chuzi Pioneer: Isha Love

Isha Love is a pioneer member of SZHD that competed in various dance competitions either nationally or internationally. Dancing has always been his passion since he was young and it gave him a level of self-satisfaction.

Love pursued dancing because it has always been his source of stress relief and it’s giving him a lot of self-satisfaction. Moreover, he feels that it boosted his confidence and got away from the stage fright that made him the performer he is today. Realistically, he always thinks of the piece’s precision and its details when creating any dance performance. He thinks that it will create a more impactful piece on stage when we have these elements.

His biggest achievement so far would have to be managing his own business aside from winning the top plum of the WSB 2017 Cell Division in Australia. Currently, he is promoting his upcoming dance classes in Cebu and engaging different people who are also passionate about dancing. He wanna share his knowledge with them. Aside from that, on a business matter, he would love to promote his own business on a larger scale so that he could have a bigger market in Cebu. Now, Isha Love is also one of the Chuzi pioneers. Download Chuzi app now to become a part of our exciting dance challenges.

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