Michaela Jasmine N. Rabang who everyone calls Ella is a 20-year-old dancer from Manila, Philippines. She is been dancing for over 10 years. As a kid, she was into ballroom dancing, then she transitioned to hip hop when she stepped into high school, in which she became a member of  DanSSA, a school-based dance varsity team, led by Coach Aye Alba, wherein they have competed nationally as well as internationally and won various awards. Now that she is in her college year, she is a member of the UP Streetdance Club, the official street dance varsity team of The University of the Philippines, Diliman, and also a trainee of The Crew. 

Ella has always been the “Bibo kid” in her family, and it became a reason for her to explore and enjoy dancing. Aside from the physical benefits that dance has brought her, it became a way of improving her overall well-being. 

Ella Rabang always thinks of someone or something as an inspiration when dancing. She tries her best to explore different genres of music before getting into the process of creating choreography, and when she gets to pick one, she would vibe to it and the choreography follows. She considers being part of the UP Streetdance Club and becoming a trainee of The Crew are the biggest achievements in her dancing career.