Dhztine Bernardino is 27 years old and one of our Chuzi Pioneers. He’s started his dance career when he was in high school in 2005. He loved the fame and attention and by the time he was 16. He joined the FEW dance company and that’s when he realised the potential that dance has.  He learned the different styles of dancing and also started performing at different venues. He saw different places and croweds, and he realised that he wants to make this his creer.

Bernardino formed his team and eventually won the World Champ Krum Fam. He is a veteran of the Phillipine Krump Community.

When it comes to his creative process,  he loves to imagine things and then create what he has to.  Dhztine considers his biggest achievement to be the fact that he has been successful in pursuing a career in the dance community, even though they are bringing up two kids.