Dan Paolo Soriano is one of the modern dance pioneers of our video dance challenge app, Chuzi. He is the creative director of Kinection and also the senior choreographer of Legit Status. His professional dance career started when he was in college. He is an alumnus of AMA Dance Troupe led by Gojie Chua (Former director of Kinection). Gojie Chua invited him to join Kinection in the year 2015. First, he was hesitant because he knows this will be full responsibility for him as a dancer and the caliber of the team is into choreography which is he likes.

Paolo enjoys every minute of his training and performances. His creative process is typically the same as others because first, anyone will choreograph and then teach it to the group. He depends on the process if the event is typically a gig show or competition. He watches a lot of performance pieces of other groups internationally or locally to analyze their elements and formation, but he never copies the exact forms and elements. It’s a kind of “reference” to him, and sometimes he seeks suggestions from his teammates or inputs regarding his process and thinking. 

Soriano represented the country in Arena Singapore Wayback 2018 and 2019. It’s his first time competing outside the country. Sadly they didn’t bag any place but it was all worth it. Acquiring the BodyRock Asia 1st Runner Up repping Legit Status is his stepping stone to go to the US since he has the opportunity to represent the Philippines in the prestigious “Bodyrock Competition”. He and his team dreamt to perform in the Bodyrock stage in the US but unfortunately pandemic happened and it was canceled. 

Currently, he doesn’t have any plans for now for the team in terms of competing since they are restricted to do that but they are managing themselves to be in a good shape, releasing dance video content, and be ready for the possible opportunities.