Chips is famous all over the world as a dancing champion, coach, and director. He is one of the most prominent figures in the Philippine dancing industry, Chips Beltran has a simple mission – to put Filipino talent on the map. He is one of our Chuzi Pioneers, looking out to become a rage at the leaderboard.

In addition to being a member and the team captain of UPeepz, a two-time World Hip Hop Dance Champion and the first Filipino crew to have emerged victorious in Hollywood’s World of Dance, he’s also a mentor who leads classes and coaches dance crews both here in the country and abroad. 

Chips attributes his first encounter with dancing to his mom, excuses to get out of class, and girls. He is one of those kids whose mom would have him attend various classes. He has attended workshops for dance, karate, and everything else.  Since then, he has won frequent invites to perform at various school events.  He then joined a street dance workshop in Grade 6.

Chips revealed his creative process, saying that it depends from process to process. For example, for competitions, it’s about themes and thinking out of the box.

For work, he concentrates on the tracks, visualizes what the client wants, and enhances it a bit.  When he’s choreographing for himself,  he has more freedom and that’s when he has special sessions and listens to the beat and then draws out the performance.

He considers his biggest achievement to be when he won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in 2016 as UPeepz.

Another big moment for Chips is their second stint at the HHI the following year, this time to defend their crown. UPeepz pulled off a back-to-back, and he revealed that the response they got was even wilder than the first time.

Chips then went on about VPeepz’s championship experience on the third season of World of Dance, an American reality competition executive produced by Jennifer Lopez. For those who are not in the know, VPeepz is UPeepz’s junior division crew, also handled by Chips himself. He admitted that it was a shocking win for the team because one of their competitors, an all-girl crew, got J-Lo in tears. Lastly, Chips cited UPeepz’s turn to take the World of Dance stage during the show’s subsequent season last year.

UPz has been busy with dance music videos from record labels here and abroad. They are training their newest batch of New Peepz and preparing for a couple of international online competitions. No classes or online events for now. Basically working on our grassroots for the next generation.