Aileen Quilatan is famous in the dance community as Eykyu and AQ. She is one of our Chuzi Pioneers. Get ready to watch some of the most enthusiastic dance moves via AQ. She started dancing at the early age of 4 and has never stopped her dance performances.

Aileen has been part of several dance organisations, including dance troupes, pepsquads, school team, open team. She has also been part of choreopool and has performed on different stages. She has worked on stage and backstage.  She has been part of camps, events, worskshops and shows both locally and on the international level.

For her, dance has become a part of her life. She believes that dance is her middle name now. She is a dance major student. Her creative process is simple –  she shuffles and plays and moves to music until she can warm up to it and then listens to the specific song.

Her biggest achievement so far is  Queen’s Dance Studio, Queen’s has been up & running for 6 years now, and she never gets tired of giving her 100% to accommodate everyone and to give the best & quality service as much as we can.