And we are back with another outing at the leaderboard, and your favorite Chuzi Pioneers are battling it out for the hotspot of Number One. The numbers are out and its time to see who’s the most popular among the dance fraternity in the whole of Phillipines. So, strap into your seats to see who’s battled whom to reach the peak.

Alex Batisil

Alex Batisil is the top Chuzi Pioneer of today. He’s been racking up an insane number of points at the Leaderboard.  All thanks to some incredible dance moves that are as rocking  as his sense of style.  He has a whopping 18142 points at the time of writing this article.

Chips Beltran

Chips Beltran huffs into second spot this week, but we are sure he’s ready to up the ante anytime next week  – or the next. Anyhoo, he’s  in the drift for his enthusiastic dance steps that the audience – and we – seem to love no end.

Jesse ‘Reflex’ Gotangco

And it’s not just reflex that has Gotangco wrapping up the top end of the list, it’s  the fantastic dance skills that are on display here.  Jesse’s got 3668 points – but we are sure that this is just the beginning.

This wraps up the top three of the Creators Leaderboard for today. We hope that your favourite Chuzi Pioneer is o this list. If not, you know what to do – get busy voting for the videos that your favorite Creator makes.

Reflex Gotangco


Chips Beltran