The Chuzi App is an exciting opportunities to dance pioneers on a national and global level to show off their talents.  The Chuzi App is now live all over the world and gives a glimpse of some of the most prominent talent in the countries and their dancing and singing talents.

Dance performers will tell you that dance competitions are  the most important aspect of the world of dance, because they are the rare opportunity for dance performers to show off their dance skills and network with other performers in their genre and on a general basis.

Here’s how Chuzi helps dancers to get the best opportunities.

To begin with, Chuzi is completely free to sign up with. The pioneers and the users do not have to pay anything or anyone to make their account on the app.

Not just making an account, the entire Chuzi platform is free, so the users do not need to pay to promote themselves on the platform. All they need to do is inform their friends and fans that they are now live on the app, and ask them to vote for their videos.

Who sees you?

The most interested dance and music fans all over the world will see your performance. Not just that, once you are on the platform, you also capture the attention of several corporates looking for their next big signup and their brand ambassador. So, its a win win situation for anyone who signs up with the Chuzi App.

How Chuzi helps you grow

With the Chuzi App, you can reach out to hundreds and thousands of your fans, and create new ones – and all you need to do is perform on the music that you like the most. Once you have created your video and shared it, you will see the entire dance community open up and welcome you with welcome arms.

Chuzi App –  The Solution for the Dance Community

The Chuzi App has something for everyone in the dance community. For the content creators, the Chuzi App has special challenge modes, that keeps the audience engagement at an ever-high.  With the challenges, the Chuzi App has leaderboards for both the dance performers and the audience at large, allowing a vibrant, engaged experience for everyone.

How is Chuzi different?

Your video on Chuzi isn’t just another video that you have uploaded for the audience to see. With Chuzi, you will be able to throw dance challenges to other contestants on your timelines and accounts. This allows a healthy competition that’s best for business. These challenges and the videos that come out of them  create a fan following for you. They also create a value that becomes a yardstick -much more than the number of followers you have.

How do you garner an audience on Chuzi?

The Chuzi App is fast becoming the go-to platform for dance performers to create a following of their own. The simplest way to create a fan following for yourself is to invite your friends  and fans to make an account on the Chuzi app, which will allow them to follow your act on the app – as you load those videos. So, basically, once you have your videos – share them within your friends and family, and you have the chance to create a following for yourself – and all this, from the comforts of your home.

So, here are the simple reasons why Chuzi is the best news for dance content creators:

  • The Dance Creators create an audience of your own
  • They network with other dance creators
  • And they create a yardstick of value

The Chuzi App is home to the most talented dancers and performers on a global level. Are you ready to dance with the best?

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