We are wrapping up the week over here at the Chuzi Headquarters, and our Pioneers have decided to close the week with a bang. Our first challenge today is Kurt Tyler Sato Vs Eiana Claire Nova and both are making it their deal to reach the top of the Creator Leaderboard.

Eiana is on the top of the leaderboard right now, and she has little left to prove, after representing Phillipines in several dance competitions like King of Buck, Eves Combat Battle Online, World Hip Hop Championship and so many more.

Bawisan is coming up with some memorable moves with his dance performance in this challenge. And it’s only you who can decide who will top the creator list. And all of this is on the device that you use the most – the mobile phone.

All you need to do is login to the world’s first video dance challenge app, Chuzi, and vote for your favorite dancer among the two. Remember, your vote counts like never before. Keep voting and you stand a chance to be at the top of our Starmaker Leaderboard!

Stats of the Stars:

Name Rank Followers Videos
Kurt 327 6 1
Eiana 15 41 16