Leirry Parba isn’t thinking this is the middle of the week – she’s of the idea that this is a brand new day, a day perfect for video dance challenges. They’ve set up one against Alex Batisil, and dance enthusiasts can get a look at some of the most insane dance movies in this challenge on the Chuzi app, the world’s first video dance challenge app that’s now available in the Phillipines and India.’

And you know what it is. It’s only you who have make them the top of the leaderboard. You don’t need to go anywhere  to vote – all you need to do is login to the Chuzi App, the only dance video challenge app in the world – and vote on your favourite dancer!

Here’s the stats of the Superstars

Name Rank Followers Videos
Lierry Parba 238 4 4
Alex Batisil 7 37 9