It’s the third day of the week and we have some exclusive dance challenges for you! This time, it’s John Matthew Quiambao Vs Eiana Cliare. Quiambao is just beginning to hit up the challenge section with in incredible dance videos – and he’s decided to go head on with Eiana Claire. Claire’s a veteran of the Chuzi Leaderboard – and her fans are picky – they vote only for the most happenin’ dance moves. So, here’s a question for the day, who’s gonna lead the leaderboard, is it John or Eiana?

Wondering who’s gonna rule the roost and who’s gonna need a boost? Well, all tht depends on you – the ultimate dance fan who’s logged in on world’s first dance video challenge app. All you need to do is take your decision and vote for your favorite dance performer and performance. Have your favorite dancer climb the leaderboard and with that, you gain starmaker points as well.

Here’s the stats of the superstars

Name Rank Followers Videos
John Matthrew 80 37 8
Eiana 15 41 16