Chuzi Trending Challenge: Alexbatss V HeartUy

Alexbatss and HeartUy have uploaded their Chuzi challenge and its only you who can decide and vote for which is the most exciting and entertaining video of them all. Both are our Chuzi Pioneers, and have taken the initiative to creatre some of the most incredible dance videos.

And these videos are now available exclusively on the Chuzi app, the dance video challenge app that gives a platform for every dance enthusiast to show off their dance skills and make a name for themselves in the world of dance.

The winning system is simple – its you who can decide which of the videos is the most entertaining. All you need to do is dowload the app,  create an account and vote! The video that gains the most number of points and votes will rise on the Leaderboard. And the users who vote on the most number of videos have a chance to get on the top of the Starmaker Leaderboard.

So, get on with it and start voting on your favorite video performer’s dance video challenge right now!

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