Yandrei Ponce and Xane Dalipe, the two Chuzi Dance Pioneers, now have their dance challenges live – and it is up to you to decide who wins the challenge.  All this and more, is now live on the Chuzi app.

Yandrei Ponce is no stranger to the world of dance, even thought she is all of twelve years. Her parents have been immensely supportive of her dance career, and they started attending her auditions by the age of twelve. Yandrei is also one of the many Chuzi Pioneers who has TV experience. She featured on the Minime segment on National Television.

Xane has been active on the dance circuit since a while as well. Xane has started dancing since 2014 and has been part of several dance groups, including Company of One, Stylettos and several more.

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