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ENCORE FEATURE: OPM Band Vocalists Who Found Success In Their Solo Careers

The OPM band scene in the country changes every now and then—it’s hard not to get devastated with left and right breakups, going hiatus, solo careers. But just because the band’s over doesn’t mean the music dies as well.   Some people continue the passion, just like these OPM band vocalists who we can use […]

Symbolisms in Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Up” Music Video Explained

Young Thug dropped a new music video for his song “Up” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, the video is not only reminiscent of David Lynch’s series Twin Peaks, but also shows a lot of blatant but brilliantly designed occult imagery and symbolisms.   Occult visuals are being conveyed in Young Thug‘s new music video, which can […]

ENCORE FEATURE: The Story Behind Indie Music Artist I Belong To The Zoo

If there’s one word we could all agree when describing indie music artist I Belong To The Zoo’s songs—it’s heartbreaking.   His hit songs like Sana, Porter and Balang Araw are something we’d want to listen to as we cry ourselves to sleep or during those rainy nights with a cigarette in our hand. They […]

All About Unique Salonga and His New Label

As we all know, Unique Salonga swiftly exited IV of Spades in May to continue his solo career. He remained strong albeit stubborn about it, posting an open message on his Twitter account.     Fans were all sad about it, memes were all over the place, but the band chose to continue even as […]

Drake Spotify Stream Leads Users to Demand Refund

It was all fun and games until every users’ personal choice of queued songs or playlists became a Drake Spotify Stream. The famous music-streaming app apparently executed their first total artist takeover last Friday June 29 upon the release of Drake’s latest album Scorpion.   Every playlist’s cover on the homepage featured Drake even the […]

Chance The Rapper Collaboration Album With Kanye and Childish Gambino

Chance the Rapper might’ve been silent for a while since his Grammy Award-winning third mixtape Coloring Book, but he’s bound to come back big. In an interview with Peter Rosenberg, it was revealed that Chance the Rapper collaboration with Kanye and Childish Gambino is about to hit your ears in the coming months. Chance is […]

Ash Koosha With Yona, The First AI Singer Songwriter

The innovation of AI technology has always been advancing in the past century. From the introduction of Siri and Google assistant, to Sophia, the world’s first humanoid citizen. This time, the music of the future has arrived. Ash Koosha, the Iranian Musician has been making VR sound sculptures, and spent the last few years developing […]

6LACK Releases New Track “Switch”

6LACK knows the right way of coping with heartbreak: drop a new track for his fans to love. His February release of Valentine’s Day track “Cutting Ties” is definitely not his last opening up of unfortunate love encounters. His fragile heart speaks in the latest single “Switch”. 6LACK teased his new track hours before the […]

Smoke Dawg Shot Dead At 21, Another Rapper In The List

The growing industry of rap has recently lost another talent. Last Saturday night outside the Cube Nightclub in Toronto, Jahvante Smart a.k.a. Smoke Dawg suffered a gunshot wound and was proclaimed dead at the young age of 21. Two other victims were reportedly involved in the shooting: a 28-year-old producer named Ernest Modekwe and an […]