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MIND BLOWING COLLABS: Wala Na Ang Init – Pusakalye x This Band

‘Wala Na Ang Init’ by Pusakalye and This Band is the collaboration that we never knew we needed. Offering a unique dynamic and chemistry, the collaboration between Pusakalye and This Band seems reasonable at this point. No matter where you look at it, both bands serve nothing but heartbreaks in the guise of songs. And […]

LATEST DROP: Sulat Music Video – CHNDTR

Like a scene taken from a romance film, Sulat by CHNDTR comes barrelling in with the reality of inevitably falling out of love. Another one for the broken and beaten, CHNDTR serves a painstaking music video for their latest single, ‘Sulat’. Nothing that we’ve never heard or seen before. But the music video of ‘Sulat’ […]

LATEST DROP: Alive by Over October

Get ready to drown yourself with the beautiful feeling of love while being serenaded by Over October with their new single called ‘Alive’! Listen here, guys! ‘Alive’ by Over October is seriously giving us that chill and rainy-weather song kind-of-vibes. Over October is a pop/alternative rock band formed in 2014! The band is composed of […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists

Looking for a fresh new palette to wash down mainstream music down your system? We got you with our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists! As the month of August comes to an end, we’re ready to refresh our playlist for a new set of sound and tunes. With our favorite local OPM artists, switching up our […]


Looking for a new smooth and romantic song to chill to? No worries, because Y ARA has got you covered with their new single ‘The Truth’! ‘The Truth’ by Y ARA is the newest chill track you need to be listening to right now. If the week has been stressing you out, or your S.O. […]

LATEST DROP: Di Na Sana by 4th Quadrant – A eulogy to wonderful beginnings

4th Quadrant reminds us that there are no second chances in life with their new single ‘Di Na Sana’! “Sa umpisa masaya ang ating pagsasama.” 4th Quadrant’s latest drop on Spotify, ‘Di Na Sana’, slaps you with this heart-wrenching line when you first hear it. It’s a type of song which immediately makes you feel […]

LATEST DROP: Pangungusap MV by LUNARLIGHTS featuring Madeline Ramboyong

A romantic yet painful plead for another chance, the music video of Pangungusap by LUNARLIGHTS featuring Madeline Ramboyong also reflects the beauty of the Filipino language! ‘Pangungusap’ by LUNARLIGHTS  features the vocals of Madeline‘s frontman, Madeline Ramboyong. And you can’t go wrong with their collaboration as they offer a succulent melody about missed chances. LUNARLIGHTS […]

LATEST DROP: Wanderer by Room 14

“Home is where the right person is.” Room 14 takes us to a rollercoaster ride of emotions with their new single, ‘Wanderer’! In case you haven’t heard Room 14 before, they’re worth checking out because of their out of this era music (literally)! If you’re missing the electro-pop 80s vibe, Room 14’s got you covered […]

LATEST DROP: No shade, no hidden messages—Taylor Swift’s new album is evolutionary

Evolutionary not revolutionary. Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Lover’ uncharted territories of unadulterated love and self-discovery. Once more, Taylor Swift wows us with a new epic album. ‘Lover’, her seventh album, upholds the beauty of love with romantic overtones about social issues. And as much we love every other TS album, ‘Lover,’ is no doubt, the […]

LATEST DROP: Nathan & Mercury’s ‘Fools’ MV production left us wanting more

The music video of Fools by Nathan & Mercury offers a somber solace for those who are still holding on. Check it out and its beautiful MV now! At long last, Nathan & Mercury finally releases the official music video of ‘Fools’! Everyone has been waiting for this music video. And all we can say […]