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Be on the lookout for a new Blink-182 Christmas song!

The holiday season is coming! Along with that, we should be on the lookout for artists and their new Christmas songs. Mariah Carey, Jose Mari Chan – these are Filipino household names already when it comes to Christmas hits. In fact, a lot of people even use this fact to fuel their humorous memes. However, […]

Top 10 Songs of the Week! (November 17-23)

It’s not too late to add our Top 10 Songs of the Week (November 17-23) to your playlists! It’s Friday everyone and that means it’s time for a recap of the songs that made it to our Top 10 Songs of the Week (November 17-23)! As usual, every Friday we give you the full run-down […]

Join Nostradamus Junior In Their Single Launch for ‘KJ’

Nostradamus Junior, an independent OPM band, is inviting you for the single launch of ‘KJ’. Honestly, the name ‘Nostradamus Junior’ was unfamiliar for us. However, after listening to some of their performances on their YouTube channel, we were convinced that they are a group we shouldn’t be sleeping on. They totally rock, and we just can’t […]

Sandwich just dropped a surprise remix album!

Talk about one major surprise! Did Sandwich really just drop a remix album out of the blue?   Yep, they really did! Today on November 21, Sandwich officially released a remix album entitled Space/Spase (Club Sandwich Remix) with PolyEast Records. And they simply released it out of the blue with no forewarning at all, just […]

‘Grizzly Pool’ by Ely Buendia and Cheats is freshly different

Ely Buendia x Cheats‘ collaboration song ‘Grizzly Pool’ just came out today and it is amazing! If you haven’t noticed, OPM or Original Pinoy Music is constantly improving and evolving into something that could be recognized globally. Moreover, a lot of gems have been popping here and there recently, which we are not complaining of! […]

Try by She’s Coming Home—to hold on or to let go?

‘Try’ by She’s Coming Home sings about the dillema of holding on to a failed relationship. Have you ever been in a relationship wherein you know it’s not working, but you can’t quite decide whether to hold on or to let go? ‘Try’ by She’s coming home sings about exactly that! So here’s a little […]

SB19 first Pinoy group to land on the ‘Next Big Sound’ chart of Billboard!

Yeah, we’re gonna go up! That’s what SB19 definitely did as they made history being the first Pinoy group to land on the ‘Next Big Sound’ chart of Billboard! On Wednesday, SB19 nabbed the 6th spot of the ‘Next Big Sound’ chart of Billboard. And in case you didn’t know, they made history being the first all-Filipino boy […]

MNTKLYA for Music Dive

Whether you’re part of the Butter Army or a new listener, you should all stay tuned for the music of MNTKLYA and get to know them through Music Dive now! MNTKLYA is a 5-piece up and coming band hailing from South. After Sir Monty took them under his wing in his label management, Yellow Room […]

Check out John Legend and Kelly Clarkson’s version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’!

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson’s version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is better than the original! GIPHY Everybody knows the classic Christmas song, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’. But John Legend and Kelly Clarkson’s version is nothing like the original! At least, context-wise anyway. It still sounds like the classic we know and love. But it now […]

Is Harry Styles’ new single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ about his ex?

Harry Styles just dropped a new single titled, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and many fans are speculating it’s about his ex! Find out which ex right here! Harry Styles’ debuted his new song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Obviously, it became an instant hit with his fans. But there’s one more thing that made them […]