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LATEST DROP: Maris Racal New Music Video ‘Love Is Easy’

We saw your tweets about the Maris Racal new music video ‘Love Is Easy’, and we have the details here for you! #MYXPremiereLoveIsEasy   The Maris Racal new music video for Love is Easy premiered on Myx at 7 PM today, and you can watch it with us right now!   Maybe you’re up there and […]

LATEST DROP: Earl Generao New Song ‘Katabi’

  Last Friday, artists like IV of Spades, This Band, Shanne Dandan, and Sandwich dropped new singles. And along with this heavy list of releases is an Earl Generao new song.   The Earl Generao new song is called ‘Katabi’, and we are in love with it! And if you still don’t understand our deep infatuation with song, […]

LATEST DROP: Ben&Ben New Music Video ‘Susi’

Ben&Ben new music video alert! The collective just released a FRESH (but also historical, IYKWIM) music video for their original song ‘Susi’, and guess which movie it’s a theme for.   If you guessed GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral, then you def got it right! The Ben&Ben new music video is part of the original soundtrack […]

LATEST DROP: Sandwich new song 2018 ‘Parang Walang Nangyari’

Sandwich new song alert! The band is back with the release of their latest single: ‘Parang Walang Nangyari’. Listen to it here NOW!   Just two days ago (September 12, 2018), the Sandwich new song was announced by the band themselves. Since then, we’ve been counting the hourse to the release, and it’s finally here!   […]

LATEST DROP: Shanne Dandan First Single ‘Nag-iisa’

Shanne Dandan from The Voice Kids Season 1 is all grown up, and she just released her first single ‘Nag-iisa’! And you can listen to and watch the video here and more.   You first saw her as a 13-year-old contestant in The Voice Kids Season 1, as part of Coach Lea Salonga’s team. And […]

LATEST DROP: IV of Spades New Song ‘Bata Dahan-dahan’

  IV of Spades new song ‘Bata, Dahan-dahan’ was just released, and we’re all SHOOKT! You need to listen to it here right now. And we have the lyrics too!   The band dropped their latest single without so much as a warning, leaving us wide awake till the wee hours of the night. And […]

MIND BLOWING COLLABS: IV of Spades and Moira Collaboration

We were all SHOOKT when we heard that there’s gonna be a IV of Spades and Moira collaboration. The female solo artist first teased this collab with the trio through a tweet. And part from that, there weren’t much information shared online.   Now, there are only a couple of days till the release. And if you’re like us, […]


  There are plenty of talented singer-songwriters in the Philippines. So what makes Earl Generao different?   Earl Generao has been around since 2017. Or at least, that’s when he released his first single on Spotify—Lunas.   And as of writing, his Tweet promoting this single is still his pinned post on twitter. I want […]

HOTTEST EVENTS IN MANILA: Friday Night Gigs (September 14, 2018)

Where will you and your friends be, this payday Friday? If you’re looking for the hippest events in Manila, we’ve got the biggest and hottest Friday night gigs here.   Friday night gigs are always big in the metro, and we’ve gone through all the sickest happenings tomorrow night. And here are 9 of the […]

LATEST DROP: SUD New Music Video ‘Sana Bumalik’

  Still trending on YouTube, the SUD new music video ‘Sana Bumalik’ was released just this week, and we’re all over it!   The band had a SUD new music video release party for ‘Sana Bumalik’ last August 30 at 12 Monkeys. This was when they first showed the video to the world. And as […]