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LATEST DROP: Somewhere in Between by D’Sound and Armi Millare

Somewhere in Between by D’Sound and Armi Millare is a reminder to each and every one of us that love is not a mere walk in the park. Love songs have always shown us the beauty of romance. Either be it romantic relationships or platonic ones. More often than not, we’ve painted the illusion of a […]

LATEST DROP: Reserba by Callalily

Rollicking ahead of its time, Reserba by Callalily relentlessly reminds us how painful it is to get easily replaced in a heartbeat. Another day, another heartbreak. The power of love became one of the driving themes of most songs nowadays. Particularly, sad songs for the broken. Despite our love-hate relationship with pain, we long for […]

LATEST DROP: Stay With Me By Carmen

With smooth transitions of slows and fasts, ‘Stay With Me’ by Carmen brushes through the torment caused by long-distance relationships! Ah, distance. A common mite to relationships. Relationships can be really hard to deal with as it is, how much more if it’s long-distance? Being in a relationship with someone who’s one jeepney ride away, […]

LATEST DROP: Nang Iwan by This Band

Bittersweet and melancholic, Nang Iwan by This Band would make you realize that you’re much better off the person who just left and took you for granted. Another one for the aching hearts, This Band never fails to disappoint us with their newest track. As painful as the title sounds, ‘Nang Iwan’ doesn’t just torment your […]

LATEST DROP: Kulayan Natin Album by Munimuni

Munimuni wants to give a little color to our world that’s already so grey with their new album, ‘Kulayan Natin’. This amazing life bit of an album is now out on Spotify! I bet you all have been waiting for this ever since the band made the announcement that they’re going to release a new […]

LATEST DROP: Eye Contact Music Video – Kean Cipriano

Look into the reality of how fast a relationship or connection can end with Kean Cipriano’s Eye Contact music video. Watching the music video of Kean Cipriano’s Eye Contact is like looking through a looking glass of reality. The truth about encounters that build to connections and relationship must seem like serendipitous. But in reality, it […]

LATEST DROP: Sasaya back-to-back singles

Presenting us with odes to the beautiful yet hard task of parenthood, Sasaya released back-to-back singles that are sure to tug at our heartstrings! Back-to-back singles, alright! When people do this, our expectations are usually that one would be awesome and then the other would pale in comparison. Well, not this time! Sasaya made sure […]

LATEST DROP: 2-track EP by Lucid Moon

Sick and tired of romance? Lucid Moon’s 2-track EP might just make you believe in love again! Serene and venereal, this is probably the best way to describe Lucid Moon’s 2-track EP! It contains ‘Dito Na Lang’ and ‘Ang Labo Mo Naman’. Offering us polarizing views on love, this EP might just be the one […]