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LATEST DROP: Lunas MV by Earl Generao

The Lunas MV is finally here, and it is sure to creep you out! We have loved ‘Lunas’ since its release on Spotify in 2017, and it is only now that the music video has been released. Two years too long, but it is finally here! [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDxlFEWWz-c[/embedyt] Earl Generao Earl Generao has been active since […]

LATEST DROP: Bakit by Fox Joaquin and Alfred Regalado

Try to keep your hearts from breaking as Fox Joaquin and Alfred Regalado released ‘Bakit’ on Spotify! Fox Joaquin and Alfred Regalado just dropped ‘Bakit’ and it will really make you ask all your whys. This song is making us sentimental! Fox Joaquin and Alfred Regalado Both Fox and Alfred were part of Fox Music, […]

LATEST DROP: Even In An Alternate Universe by Ysanygo

‘Even in an Alternate Universe’ by Ysanigo is out on Spotify now, and we’re in it for the long run! You read it right! Ysanygo just kept the jabs coming with their new song’s release on Spotify. Once again, they succeeded to grace us with their undeniable talent in ‘Even in an Alternate Universe’. Yes, […]


Question love and fall in love with the idea of self-love with the music video of Sino by UNIQUE! As majestic as UNIQUE’s hair, the official music video of ‘Sino’ brings us a brand new aesthetic to OPM. Certainly, UNIQUE never fails to show his artistic side in both music and art itself. Not to […]

LATEST DROP: Hindi Pwede by Circashela

We leave all hopes behind as we listen to Hindi Pwede by Circashela. Circashela just dropped their first single ‘Hindi Pwede’ and it is definitely something you should listen to. Circashela The band was formed in 2013 by former vocalist Miguel Pangan, former bassist Pao Pangan, drummer Kym Bulanadi, and guitarist Ranz Cabales. Hailing from […]

LATEST DROP: No Label MV by Rocksteddy

Rocksteddy snaps us back to reality with their new single ‘No Label’ and the music video couldn’t get more hilarious! You heard it right! As if the single was not enough to wake us up from our daydreams, Rocksteddy also released the official music video for the song. And it’s a major reality slap! [embedyt] […]

LATEST DROP: Purples n’ Oranges 2-track EP

What’s better than a great song to listen to? Two of them! Purples n’ Oranges just released a 2-track EP and it is SMOOTH. Purples n’ Oranges’ EP is titled ‘Used To’ and was just released a couple of days ago on Spotify. If you’re having a bad day, this first track is sure to […]

LATEST DROP: Blood Fountain by The Riot Melody

Try not to chase your heartbeats as The Riot Melody drops ‘Blood Fountain’! What does Riot mean? A quick Google search will give you “a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.” Well, The Riot Melody just dropped their latest single ‘Blood Fountain’, and indeed our peace was disturbed (a welcome disturbance, in that […]