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LATEST DROP: Artifical Dreams EP by Mazerboy

A mishmash of bedroom beats and pop-punk, the Artificial Dreams EP by Mazerboy showcases his playful side as an artist! In contrast to popular tunes of a ballad, pop, and rock, Mazerboy dishes out airy pop-punk beats. Through his debut EP ‘Artificial Dreams’, he sets his eyes to share his personal thoughts while bringing new […]

LATEST DROP: You’ll Be Safe Here MV – St. Wolf

St. Wolf releases the official MV for their rendition of ‘You’ll Be Safe Here’ by Rivermaya–giving the classic song their signature Swabecore style! St. Wolf has just released the official music video on their rendition of Rivermaya’s ‘You’ll Be Safe Here’. It’s always nice to see new artists take the time to look back and […]

LATEST DROP: Pwede Naman MV – White Sunday

With a psychedelic visual feel, the music video of Pwede Naman by White Sunday unveils modern love that stands through the test of time. The music video of Pwede Naman by White Sunday just dropped. And it’s nothing but a charismatic razzle-dazzle spectacle. For a love song, they’ve kicked it up a notch to display […]

LATEST DROP: Brooklyn by Carousel Casualties

Take a long biting whiff of pain and longing as Brooklyn by Carousel Casualties leads the way to another heartbreak. Through the endless positivity brought by Carousel Casualties, they now continue their streak in breaking our aching hearts. Their newest single, ‘Brooklyn’ does sound strange at first take. But as it perches between the thin […]

LATEST DROP: Bukod-Tangi by Unique

Devastating us with the harsh reality of loneliness through a timeless bop, Bukod-Tangi by Unique somehow lives to tell his tale. Track after track, everyone’s favorite Unique Salonga shares us a piece of him. It might not seem like it. But as you listen hard enough to his new single, ‘Bukod-Tangi’, it’s like looking into […]

LATEST DROP: Huling Sandali MV by December Avenue will definitely touch your hearts

December Avenue has finally released the official music video for their single called ‘Huling Sandali’, and while the song is already painful as it is, they have twisted its meaning to hurt us even more. We all know how December Avenue has a knack of hurting us with the songs they have been releasing recently. […]

LATEST DROP: Dahilan by Silent Sanctuary

Who loves Silent Sanctuary? We do! We’re glad they’re up and about once again with a new single called ‘Dahilan’. But mind you, it actually made us cry! Yup, Silent Sanctuary is up and at it again, breaking our hearts with ‘Dahilan’. And trust me, this is the type of songs you have to listen […]

LATEST DROP: Pakinabang MV – Ex Battalion

The music video of Pakinabang by Ex Battalion shows a huge step up for the group as they diss on bloodsucking exploiters we call “friends”. As they enter into a new chapter of their career, Ex Battalion ends the run of negativity in their lives. To show off their growth and newfound motivation, they released […]

LATEST DROP: Places of Paradise EP by Gian Magdangal

Mixin’ and matchin’ tunes perfect for any moment in life, Gian Magdangal’s ‘Places of Paradise’ EP showers us nothing but good vibes! It’s very hard to stand out right now in the local music scene. With everyone almost doing the same thing as the other, it’s hard to set yourself apart that easy. Be it […]