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Shanti Dope On His Inspirations, Fame, And What’s Next

As Shanti Dope celebrates over 20 million views and streams of his hit song ‘Nadarang’ we look forward to his upcoming projects including his new music video for his song Norem and his upcoming concert with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Featuring Gloc-9 concert this coming September 5, which will be held in MOA Arena. At a press […]

Meet The Handsome Brothers of Hansom Band

If you haven’t heard of Hansom band, then you’re missing out on some angsty humor punk rock. Although, this band has been around since 2010 when they released their first album Kanta ang Panlaban, they had quite a long hiatus until they released an EP in 2017 called I Found Cubao.      Hansom band also released […]

These Successful Local Artists Started On Soundcloud

We can all admit that it’a definitely hard to make it big in music, but now there are more opportunities than ever before. With tools like SoundCloud, you can easily upload your music, follow other people who are uploading theirs, and connect with other artists. Soundcloud has been a platform for young musicians to get started […]

ENCORE FEATURE: These Female Indie Artists Are Slaying The Music Scene

It’s amazing how our indie music scene is continuously growing—it just proves that OPM is not dead, despite numerous accusations from people who do not even know how to appreciate local music. Slowly but surely, we’re getting the attention that our artists deserve.   And amidst the breakout of OPM bands, these female indie artists […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Delinquent Society Talks About Their New Album “Detour”

Browsing the web on a Tuesday night looking for fresh tracks to wallow myself into is how I discovered the local rap group “Delinquent Society” and their freshly baked album “Detour“.   Listening to this Davao-based rap group for the first time around is truly a palette-cleanser from the typical trap-style type of rap circulating […]

ENCORE FEATURE: OPM Band Vocalists Who Found Success In Their Solo Careers

The OPM band scene in the country changes every now and then—it’s hard not to get devastated with left and right breakups, going hiatus, solo careers. But just because the band’s over doesn’t mean the music dies as well.   Some people continue the passion, just like these OPM band vocalists who we can use […]

ENCORE FEATURE: The Story Behind Indie Music Artist I Belong To The Zoo

If there’s one word we could all agree when describing indie music artist I Belong To The Zoo’s songs—it’s heartbreaking.   His hit songs like Sana, Porter and Balang Araw are something we’d want to listen to as we cry ourselves to sleep or during those rainy nights with a cigarette in our hand. They […]

Lil Peep The Future of Emo Drops ‘The Bright Side’

Lil Peep, a 20 year old rapper named Gustav Ahr, recently dropped a new single entitled “The Bright Side”. This would be a part of his debut album “Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One),” that is set to be released on August 11.   Peep’s music mainly contains theme of suicide, heartbreaks, and drugs. […]