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FASHION: Ralph Lauren gives tribute to Rachel Green from FRIENDS

Have you always envied Rachel’s cute outfits? Then check out this new line from Ralph Lauren as a tribute to Rachel Green from FRIENDS! Ralph Lauren has just launched a new collection in tribute to Rachel Green from FRIENDS! And it’s all we’ve ever wanted our wardrobe to look like! So in commemoration for the […]

LIFESTYLE: 5 things to keep your creativity alive

Creative block? Feeling restless? Or do you just want to focus on a certain task? Then these 5 things to keep your creativity alive should help! Online shopping is basically the norm these days. Because you only ever really go to the mall to browse or if you’re buying something specific and don’t want to […]

LIFESTYLE: Why ‘seeing potential’ in someone is never enough

Sometimes we just choose the wrong person, and that’s okay. But choosing to stay because you see their potential can never be enough. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably with someone who you see a lot of potential in. You see “the good in him” that no one else ever seems to. You see […]

LIFESTYLE: Things you can do to manage your everyday waste

This is Waste Management for Dummies 101, y’all. We all know that there are a lot of problems regarding our environment, and waste massively contributes to that. According to our good friend Wikipedia, “waste management are the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal”. And as we all notice […]

ART: This local artist draws iconic looks from ABS-CBN Ball!

This local artist wowed us with his art style—as he drew some iconic looks from the ABS-CBN Ball 2019! Facebook This local artist sure got everyone’s attention! Known on Facebook as the Art of Maku, and otherwise known as Gerard (last name unknown). Is a Filipino artist who recently gained traction on Facebook. One of […]

ART: These webcomics will make you smile!

Looking for something funny to pass the time? Comics are always a good answer. So here are some webcomics that will make you smile! Comics have been around for a really long time, in fact as early as 1896. And we don’t know about you, but it was always a treat to look out for […]

LIFESTYLE: Things only cat lovers would understand

Cat lovers unite! We cat lovers all know that cats are freaking cute – they are cute, but freaky. They eat a lot, scratch some furniture, and then sleep a lot. You’re lucky if your cat is cuddly, because most cats do not like being held. They love climbing on top of stuff, usually causing […]

FASHION: Your last chance to cop Forever 21 deals?

Forever 21 is having its annual mega sale event. And this could be your last chance to cop some mega deals from Forever 21! Get In Loser We’re Going Shopping GIF from Meangirls GIFs So it looks like your wallets will be crying after next weekend. Because Forever 21 is having its annual mega sale […]

LIFESTYLE: 5 life lessons I learned from OG Barbie movies

If you grew up watching these OG Barbie movies in the early 00s, then this will hit you with a blast of nostalgia! Here are 5 life lessons we learned from the Barbie movies! There is no little girl on the planet today that has not heard of, had a, or admired Barbie. And as […]

FASHION: Most stunning looks at the ABS-CBN Ball 2019!

Every year, the ABS-CBN Ball always serves up the best looks from the hottest stars—and this year is no exception! So we’ve compiled the most stunning looks at the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 just for you! The ABS-CBN Ball is the hottest event of the year for celebrities. And you can’t have a high-end event without […]