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Can this controversial painting by Richard Gomez be considered art?

If you go on Twitter and look at the trending list today, you would see Richard Gomez there. All because of his controversial yellow penis paintings. Apparently, Richard Gomez’s controversial yellow penis painting was also seen in last year’s Art Fair Philippines, under the lineup of contemporary art gallery Secret Fresh. The controversial 48″x48″ painting […]

Little things you can do to keep your mental health in check

Today is World Mental Health Day and here some little things you can do to keep your mental health in check! Our mental health is something we often neglect and sometimes can be found at the end of our priority list. Although it is true that we’re so busy with our lives and have many […]

Astrology 101: Get to know your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

Are you interested in getting to know more about Astrology, but don’t know where to start? Then let’s start with Sun, Moon, and Rising signs! GIPHY Have you been seeing articles talk about Astrology or Zodiac signs, but they also mention your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs? And you’re just confused because you thought people […]

Why we all deserve a Chito Miranda in our lives

As we all know, Chito Miranda loves his wife Neri so much. He always expresses it through beautiful words, to which we say: sana all. Again, Chito Miranda was trending on Twitter last night. It was all because of an Instagram post wherein he showed off his wife Neri. Look at his Instagram post below.   View […]

Ube Munchkins is Dunkin’ Donuts’ newest variant!

Calling all lovers of Dunkin Donuts! Your favorite store has released a new munchkin variant, and it’s a flavor almost all Filipinos love: ube! On a Facebook post on October 8, Dunkin’ Donuts made an announcement. Apparently, you can now order and eat Purple Yam or Ube Munchkins! We are honestly taken aback with this because […]

Attention, musicians! Check out this ‘ukay-ukay’ for musical instruments!

Attention to all musicians, both professional and aspiring! If you are looking for quality musical instruments at a low price, we got you. The famous song by Jessie J that we all know says, “money can’t buy you happiness”. Money can buy musical instruments, though. And obviously, music makes people happy. So yeah, Jessie J’s Price […]

The struggles of Filipino kids who grew up in the Middle East

Are you a Filipino who grew up in the Middle East? If your answer is yes, what do you think of shawarma here in the Philippines? As someone who grew up in the United Arab Emirates, I could tell you one thing: Meshwe is the only acceptable restaurant when it comes to shawarma. Turks, Shawarma […]

Fresh Grad 101: Here’s how you can survive at work

We all know the struggle of being a fresh grad at work but don’t worry, here are some survival tips for y’all! Being a fresh grad is one of the best experiences one can have. We’re finally in the halfway of our lives wherein we’re both at the end of the line after finishing college […]

Why ‘utang na loob’ or indebtedness may be destructive

Let’s face it: the Filipino value ‘Utang na Loob’ is destructive in a lot of ways. We don’t want to generalize and be too opinionated, so we are going to tread lightly on this topic. ‘Utang na Loob’ or ‘indebtedness’ is a Filipino value that is often taught to discuss about moral obligations. Because it talks […]

Would you live in an apartment someone died in?

It’s time to get spooky! Would you ever live in an apartment someone died in? Today we’ll talk about “Jiko Bukken”! In honor of the Halloween spirit, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to talk about something spooky. It’s not new information that Japan has a higher suicide rate than most […]