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New Era Cap PH has a Wang Od streetwear line!

The famous 102-year old “mambabatok” Wang Od now has a streetwear line! No need to hike-up Kalinga to sport her signature designs anymore! New Era Cap PH ICYDK, Apo Wang Od is a famous 102-year-old “mambabatok” from Kalinga. Tattoo enthusiasts from all over the Philippines flock to the mountains just to get a tattoo done […]

What Filipinos can learn from South Korea and Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a global and rampant societal issue. And the Philippines is no exception. Here are some things Filipinos can learn from South Korea about cyberbullying. 0800 What’s Up? After the news broke from South Korea about the death of K-Pop idol Sulli, a lot of her fans and most of South Korea mourned the […]

Collect your plastics to enter Art In Island for free!

Got a lot of plastic in your home? Discard them wisely and enter Art In Island for FREE! Art In Island is a famous interactive art museum located in Cubao that we all want to go to at least once in our lives. It would be really nice if we could take some cool photos […]

Hold my Peach Mango Pie! Jollibee now has Buko Pie?!

Stop everything! This is not a drill! You don’t have to go to Tagaytay just for Buko Pie anymore, because Jollibee is bringing Buko Pie to us! That’s right, the classic Filipino dish and all-time favorite pasalubong is now available at all Jollibee branches in Metro Manila and Luzon! And will be arriving in Visayas and Mindanao […]

Forget about adulting for a little while with Kidzania Manila!

If Kidzania Manila offers you a chance to take a break from adulting, will you accept it? As adults, we often feel a lot stress and the burden of living. Asking for allowance from parents is no longer an option and we have to deal with things on our own. Well, what if we said […]

Gudetama comes to Inflatable Island in Zambales!

Looking for some IG-worthy locations this sem-break? Then you might want to check out Inflatable Island in Zambales because Gudetama and other Sanrio friends will be there!   View this post on Instagram   Cloudy with a chance of 🥚 #sanriocharactersgotoinflatableisland #gudetama #sanrio A post shared by Home of Unicorn Island (@inflatableisland) on Oct 10, […]

Uhm… French fries topped with pearls?

We can’t say ew fast enough! Who in their right mind would want, french fries topped with pearls?! GIPHY So in today’s episode of, things-that-should-never-have-happened a milk-tea place in Manila came up with the weirdest concoction we’ve seen in a while. And we can’t say ew fast enough for this one. Because who in their right mind would ever […]

20 Things I’ve Learned In My 20 Years Of Existence

If you’re looking for some food for thought, here are 20 things I’ve learned in my 20 years of existence. Ohh, birthdays. One of the best times of the years. A whole day dedicated to your existence. When I was a child, I’d get excited about the presents I was about to receive from my friends […]

Going zero waste? Check out these sustainable brands!

As more and more people join the zero waste movement, more brands offering sustainability are also popping up. We all know that climate change is happening. A lot of things are happening to our environment and it is drastically changing. Because of it, more and more people are also becoming aware of their own lifestyles. […]