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Wireless Headphones vs Wired Earphones: Pros, Cons

Everybody has their own pair of headphones, but not everyone can agree whether to buy a wired or bluetooth variant. Both have their respective pros and cons.   In the past, the only debate was between earphones and headphones. Thanks to technology, there is now an entirely new category for audiophiles to argue about.   […]

6 Cool Online Philippine Radio Stations for Everyday Listening

Even with more choices to stream music today, some people still prefer good old-fashioned Philippine radio stations. The good news is that they are now also available online! Online music has taken a whole other meaning thanks to Spotify and other streaming solutions. However, online radios still have their own niche that attracts people to […]

New Balance Philippines x The Sneakpeek for Beta Night PH 2

Our beloved Philippines is filled with creative and passionate people who strive to not only better themselves but also those around them. To celebrate the rise of these inspirational figures, New Balance Philippines and The Sneakpeek teamed up to present Beta Night PH 2. Sneakerheads, enthusiasts, and newbies alike are more than welcome to join […]

Why It’s Okay to Judge Someone Based on Their Music Taste

We’ve all (YES, ALL) caught ourselves guilty of judging a person based on their music taste. Even as a joke, there’s an underlying truth to how we as individuals are turned off by a person’s music taste. Call it judgmental if you will but you can’t argue with science!   Music is an Extension of […]

5 Top Dubstep Songs You Can Listen to Now

EDM has a diverse sea of electrifying hits. Today, we will be looking at some of the best dubstep songs and music in our own humble opinion.   Dubstep is an increasingly growing music scene in the EDM industry. The recent Anarchy PH event was successful at playing sick dubstep hardstyle beats for bassheads that […]

Live Music Near Me: 5 Places to Hear Live Bands

Listening to live music with friends almost always beats being alone at home especially on weekend nights. UDOU PH has a list of the best places to enjoy live bands in the metro.   Before we start, it goes without saying that you should order a beer or two when going to these places. Not […]