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Top Apps You Should Download in the Google Play, App Store

There are literally thousands of applications available on the Google Play or App Store. However, only a select few can actually be worth keeping on your smartphone.   Most smartphones today only have limited spaces for apps, music and videos. It is important to choose your apps wisely.   Camera and Photo Apps     […]

How to Meet New People, Find Friends Today

Today, it’s easier to meet new people and find friends because of the technology. The old-fashioned ways still work though and we recommend everyone to try it first.   Face-to-face meetings are still the best way to make new friends since you’ll both be able to see facial expressions and other physical cues. However, this […]

Sennheiser HE1 Headphones or 100 ‘Britney In Manila’ Tickets?

Sennheiser has one of the world’s most expensive headphones which is marketed towards those rich audiophiles around the world. The price, which is really hefty, can be quite(?) justified by the Sennheiser HE1 Orpheus headphones’ mighty specs.   A quick look at the HE1 headphones will give you an impression that it’s really just a […]