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ENCORE FEATURES: Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers

The day to day grind of a gaming content creator can be really tedious but our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers make it seem so easy! Creating content isn’t an easy thing to do. Gaming content creators don’t just settle in one game. For them, staying in their comfort zones means less entertainment to their […]

GAMES: PSEU names Sibol as SEA Games PH esports team

With the inclusion of esports titles in the upcoming SEA Games, PSEU welcomes Sibol, the PH national esports team. A few months ago, SEA games announced the inclusion of esports titles. Because of this, the local gaming community has been anticipating the formation of a national team. And just a few days ago, the Philippine Southeast […]

GAMES: Overwatch gets a Workshop mode fighting game

It’s Overwatch but a fighting game, thanks to Workshop master DarwinStreams! For quite some time, Overwatch fans have been tossing around the idea of a fighting game. Which kinda makes sense since most of Overwatch heroes perfectly fit into a fighting game format. And due to consistent public demand, popular Workshop creator DarwinStreams works his magic […]

GAMES: Paralives might be The Sims best competitor yet

Getting tired of The Sims lately? Say no more because we’ll be having Paralives, a new life simulation game, soon! The Sims has been and always has been the most popular and successful life simulation game of all time. For almost 2 decades, it never failed to deliver something great to the table. It somehow […]

ENCORE FEATURES: Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers

Gaming content creators and streamers got a lot of pretty great things going. That’s why you should check out Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers and see what’s the buzz is about! For quite some time, the streaming community has been getting more interesting by the day. Who would have thought that it would be a booming […]

ENCORE FEATURES: Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers

Thank God it’s Friday! Let’s kick off this weekend with a whole new set binge-worthy gaming streams. Check out our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers and pick your poison! I’m ready to kick back and just relax! And to make sure that you’re still in the loop of your favorite game’s meta, we’ve listed down […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers

Another week, another set of streamers to watch! Check out who among our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers you should watch during this cold rainy weekend to get by! Once more, the week is almost over! And to heat us up with amazing gameplays of our favorite games, we’re serving your our Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers! […]

GAMES: Big Changes for Nintendo Switch Lite

Smaller, cheaper, colorful. Nintendo reveals the Switch Lite, a portable and compact Switch version minus some features of the OG console. Without no further notice, Nintendo announced a new version of their Nintendo Switch. For a cheaper price, the Nintendo Switch Lite offers a dedicated compact handheld gameplay of your favorite Nintendo console. However, it […]