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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ delayed until later this year

Sorry but Cyberpunk 2077’s release is officially moved to September and there’s nothing you could do about it Guess we’re waiting five months more! One week hasn’t passed after Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s release date would be pushed back to April. And now, the upcoming role-playing video game, Cyberpunk 2077, has been delayed […]

Sony skips E3 2020, here are other brands to watch out for!

It’s official, Sony will be sitting out E3 2020 but it doesn’t mean there won’t be other things worth being excited about Only a few months more ’til E3 2020 and we all know one of the most anticipated presenters is Sony with their PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, they will be sitting out this event like […]

Club Audition: Mobile now open for beta testing

Sign up now to get an early access of Club Audition: Mobile! Dance everywhere and anywhere!  You heard it right! Our favorite go-to dance game is finally going to mobile! Club Audition: Mobile is like its PC predecessor however, you can now have electrifying dance battles right at your fingertips. Although it’s not yet officially […]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hints collab with anime ‘Bleach’

It looks like our favorite human-slash-Shinigami is coming to the battlefield of Mobile Legends Alucard as Ichigo Kurosaki? Moonton, the company behind Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) hinted a possible collaboration with the popular animated series, ‘Bleach’, by asking players to complete a survey   Moonton Upon logging in the game, players are greeted with […]

PewDiePie shares final video before Youtube hiatus

Say goodbye to PewDiePie along with his hilarious video content ‘cuz he’s officially taking a hiatus from YouTube! But this doesn’t mean you won’t get to see him anymore In his latest video posted today, PewDiePie said his farewells to fans as he will be finally taking an “indefinite” break from YouTube. This isn’t a […]

Early access for New Gunbound mobile available now

You can now take part in the New Gunbound’s closed beta testing and reminisce your childhood! Prepare for some serious nostalgia! How can we forget the strategy turn-based game, Gunbound, that swept over Southeast Asia during the 2000s? Unfortunately, the widely popular title shut down its servers back in 2009. However, Softnyx, the original developer […]

Why was the Final Fantasy VII Remake release delayed?

Hate to break it to you but the Final Fantasy VII Remake initial release date was pushed back and here’s the reason behind it. Y’all have to wait for five more weeks! As we all know, many fans have been anticipating the remake of Final Fantasy VII  since its initial announcement during EC 2015. Adding to that, a […]

This new board game from Riot requires you to bluff your way to victory

Tellstones: King’s Gambit by Riot Games is the perfect title to play with your friends and family on game nights. Put your bluffing skills to the test! On Saturday, League of Legends developer, Riot Games, announced a new tabletop title after 3 years since they last made Mechs vs. Minions. Now, they’re coming out with what they […]

Be part of a ‘life-size, living’ video game through Super Nintendo World Theme Park

Get ready to immerse yourself in this interactive video game theme park by Nintendo! “Rides, shops and restaurants, all featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games.” Over the years, Nintendo has been one of the pioneers for gaming innovation as seen from their gadgets and games that we’ve come to love like Nintendo Switch, DS, […]

Alienware unveils handheld console like Nintendo Switch but BETTER

Alienware is coming out with a new Switch-like gaming gear that runs on Windows! Without further ado, here’s Concept UFO! It’s like a Nintendo Switch, but on steroids… 2020 is just starting but it looks like we just heard the biggest gaming announcement yet! During CES 2020 last Tuesday, Alienware unveiled Concept UFO which is a portable […]