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HOTTEST EVENTS: TWICE is coming to Manila!

This is it, PH Onces! TWICE in Manila is happening! You read that right! All those months of practicing their choreography and memorizing their songs are about to come to fruition! The Korean girl group is set to perform in Manila on June 29 as announced through the group’s official Twitter account. PH Onces couldn’t be […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Red Ninja Year 10 Battle of the Bands

One spot. 8 bands. Catch the 8 band aspirants as they battle it out at the Red Ninja Year 10 Battle of the Bands! Just a few more weeks and Red Ninja Production turns 10! And on their 10th anniversary, they will be bringing the most talented and amazing local music artists in the community […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: IV of Spades’ The Sweet Shadow Tour

Ready your hands to CLAPCLAPCLAP! for IV of Spades’ The Sweet Shadow Tour! Buckle up Spaders! IV of Spades is set to kick off the first leg of their tour in Iloilo this weekend! Who’s excited?! Rising amidst controversies IV of Spades will always carry with their name a mystery. From Unique leaving the group […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Backstreet Boys in Manila

Backstreet’s back, alright! The Backstreet Boys are having a concert in Manila and our diehard hearts are squealing with joy! Yes, dearies. You read it right! First, it’s Westlife, and now it’s the Backstreet Boys! Our 90’s fan girl hearts couldn’t be happier! This is the year, I guess? And frankly, we’re not even complaining. […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: OTW: Over The Wednesday II

Weekdays won’t be complete without at least one gig to help us endure the slow crawling days. So if you want your weekday fix of good music then head on to OTW: Over The Wednesday II! Over the Weekend’s not done yet! Instead of waiting till the weekend, they’re giving us something to anticipate during […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Westlife in Manila

Westlife is celebrating 20 golden years, and they want you to be a part of it! We hear you 90’s kids, and we know you’re excited! Apparently, Westlife never wants to see you sad  because they are back with The Twenty Tour, a concert to celebrate twenty years of hit songs! And, yes, the Philippines is […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Daniel Caesar in Manila

It’s confirmed guys and gals! Daniel Caesar is having a concert in Manila, and it’s the best surprise we’ve had in a while! Daniel Caesar surprised most Filipino fans by posting an Instagram story of him in a car, with the radio playing ‘Creep’ by Radiohead, the location set to Manila, Philippines. I know, you […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Heavy Hearts EP Party – Edward Ramirez

The “Heavy Hearts” EP Party of Edward Ramirez is happening on April 27! And here’s everything we know about it. Edward Ramirez has set to release his new EP entitled ‘Heavy Hearts’ next month! In relation to this, he organized a gig to celebrate the release. Edward Ramirez Edward draws his influence from alternative, indie, […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Di Bale Na Lang Music Video Launch – Madeline

To complete the feels of their song, Madeline’s Di Bale Na Lang Music Video Launch is happening soon! Alternative pop band, Madeline, will soon be launching the music video of their latest single, ‘Di Bale Na Lang’. Presented by Yellow Room Music PH, Madeline will kick start their latest track’s MV launch with other bands. […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Castaway Music Festival 2019

The Castaway Music Festival 2019 is starting this weekend! Are you ready for it?   Castaway Music Festival 2019 is back for its 6th year! Castaway 6 will start invading SM North Luzon malls starting this Saturday, March 16. And I’m telling you, this award-winning music festival tour is about to blow your minds with great […]