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VIRAL: The Chainsmokers Manila Concert was cancelled!

We hate to tell you this, but The Chainsmokers Manila Concert was cancelled! It sucks, we know! We can all remember getting all excited when The Chainsmokers announced that they are going to be here in August to perform live. Who wouldn’t get excited? It’s The Chainsmokers after all. However, organizer MMI Live just announced […]

VIRAL: Amatz by Shanti Dope – Do you agree that it should be banned?

Shanti Dope continues his narrative about his struggles in a drug-influenced society through his latest song ‘Amatz’. But PDEA thinks there’s more to read between the lines. In the past few weeks, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency has been on the tail of teenage rapper, Shanti Dope. After the rapper released his newest single, Amatz, […]

VIRAL: K-pop mogul Yang Hyun-suk resigns due to drug and sex scandals

After stories of being involved with drug and sex scandals, YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-suk decides to step down from his position. Things are not looking good for Yang Hyun-suk, after he steps down from his position in YG Entertainment. The whistleblower case involving the K-pop mogul and YG Entertainment founder seemed to have progressed […]

VIRAL: Bella Thorne posts nude photos after receiving blackmail

After being blackmailed, Bella Thorne retaliates and posts her nude photos on Twitter. A few hours ago, Twitter went on a crazed frenzy after Bella Thorne posted her nude photos. ‘The Midnight Sun’ actress, Bella Thorne, brought the limelight upon herself after some hacker tried to extort her. Despite the bold move she made, she […]

VIRAL: Everything about Keanu Reeves!

Internet’s latest boyfriend, Keanu Reeves, has been blowing the social media space. But what’s to like about the John Wick actor, anyway? For more than 3 decades, Keanu Reeves delighted everyone not only for his acting but also for being himself. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. “I don’t have anyone in my […]

VIRAL: Lucifer star Tom Ellis just got married!

In case you missed it, the handsome and dashing debonair of a devil himself, Lucifer star Tom Ellis, is now a married man! After sharing his wedding photo on Instagram, ‘Lucifer’ star actor Tom Ellis is officially off the market! Ellis confirmed the news about his wedding last Monday. View this post on Instagram My […]

VIRAL: Where “shitposting” went overboard

Shitposting in the Philippines have gone overboard, and here’s why! Shitposting has taken on a new meaning in the Philippine setting and as time permits it to, it is getting gradually worse. Of course, some started as funny, something we can all laugh about, but in time, shitposts have turned into offensive insults. Oftentimes it […]

VIRAL: Your body, your choice – Angel Dei got a nose job!

Is beauty overrated? Apparently not. Angel Dei took us by surprise when she announced that she actually got a nose job! Showing to everyone that “your body, your choice”! Cosmetic surgery is still, to this day, a subject that raises eyebrows in the show business. For most people, getting cosmetic surgery equals not being content […]

VIRAL: Chachi Gonzales announces her pregnancy!

Chachi Gonzales makes it official by announcing that she has something brewing in her tummy! We have loved Chachi Gonzales for her sick dance moves, but now I guess we’re gonna love her even more. In addition to being a great dancer and an icon, she’s gonna finally be a mom! View this post on […]