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DIRTY LAUNDRY: Shopee x BLACKPINK – Scam or not?

Shopee is now under fire for allegedly scamming thousands of BLACKPINK fans. On top of this, the event was a total mess! Shopee topped the charts and became trending on Twitter and other social media platforms, but apparently not in the way they want. Frankly, after reading everything on the internet about the issue, we […]

FEATURES: Gal Gadot Returns in Wonder Woman 1984

Who says DC equals darkness? They are serving us the pop of colors we need in the first poster for Wonder Woman 1984! Today, exactly one year before Wonder Woman 1984 is intended to be showing, Patty Jenkins pleasantly surprised us with our first official peek into Diana’s full-armor suit. One… year… from… TODAY… #WW84 […]

FEATURES: DC Comics reveals a Filipino superhero!

In case you missed it, a Filipino superhero just debuted in DC Comics and he’s what we’re missing! Diversity in comics has been something that speaks about the core values of comics. Being a pop culture, comics grew to be more than influential to people of different walks of life. And the addition of diverse […]

FEATURES: Keanu Reeves in ‘The Eternals’

Keanu Reeves in Marvel’s ‘The Eternal’? Sounds like a cool idea! We don’t want to speak too soon, but rumors are spreading that Keanu Reeves is being sought for a role in Marvel’s upcoming film ‘The Eternals’, and we’re all liking the idea! I mean, Keanu Reeves in line with the MCU’s different amazing actors… […]

VIRAL: Where “shitposting” went overboard

Shitposting in the Philippines have gone overboard, and here’s why! Shitposting has taken on a new meaning in the Philippine setting and as time permits it to, it is getting gradually worse. Of course, some started as funny, something we can all laugh about, but in time, shitposts have turned into offensive insults. Oftentimes it […]

VIRAL: Your body, your choice – Angel Dei got a nose job!

Is beauty overrated? Apparently not. Angel Dei took us by surprise when she announced that she actually got a nose job! Showing to everyone that “your body, your choice”! Cosmetic surgery is still, to this day, a subject that raises eyebrows in the show business. For most people, getting cosmetic surgery equals not being content […]

FEATURES: Blue’s Clues returns with a Filipino American Host!

The reboot of Blue’s Clues, our favorite ’90s classic kids show, finally returns! And this time, we’re getting a new host that everyone will surely love. After a long time, Blue’s Clues comes back to Nickelodeon. However, there will be some teensy changes made in our favorite kid’s show. (Not that we’re complaining though!) It […]

VIRAL: Chachi Gonzales announces her pregnancy!

Chachi Gonzales makes it official by announcing that she has something brewing in her tummy! We have loved Chachi Gonzales for her sick dance moves, but now I guess we’re gonna love her even more. In addition to being a great dancer and an icon, she’s gonna finally be a mom! View this post on […]