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Bea Alonzo shares message about empowerment in ‘Muli’

As Bea Alonzo celebrates her 32nd birthday, she shares a message about pain and empowerment in her YouTube video titled ‘Muli’. Bea Alonzo recently made headlines with her controversial breakup with Gerald Anderson. With her heart being broken again, a lot of people have been worried for her. However, as Bea celebrates her 32nd birthday […]

Liam Hemsworth spotted making out with Maddison Brown!

Uh-oh! Looks like Miley isn’t the only one moving on after Liam Hemsworth was spotted with Maddison Brown! Okay, we’re not gonna lie, we thought Miley and Liam were endgame. Well, because the couple finally sealed the deal in December 2018 with an intimate wedding ceremony. And boy, was it worth the wait after all those break-ups with […]

Have you seen BTS Jungkook’s new hair?

Shookt is the keyword for all ARMY fans out there, because have you seen BTS Jungkook’s new hair? GIPHY It was just a normal day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and BTS just came back from their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour from Saudi Arabia. And then all of a sudden, at exactly […]

5 things you could do with your money instead of buying an iPhone 11

Second-guessing whether you should buy an iPhone 11? Here are some things you can buy instead! After the US release of the iPhone 11 in September, this much-awaited phone will be out in Philippine stores on October 25th! Yaaas. We all know you’re excited but let’s take a look at what other things you can do with […]

Did you know that Mimiyuuuh has her own fashion brand?

Skkkrt! We all know who Mimiyuuuh is by now, being the icon that she is! But did you know that Mimiyuuuh also has her own fashion brand? Mimiyuuuh Dalagang Filipina GIF from Mimiyuuuh GIFs Skrrrt! It’s your girl, Mimiyuuuh! There is probably no one in the Philippines, who doesn’t know who she is. Because in […]

‘Hello World’ is the newest anime film coming to the PH

From the people that brought us ‘Weathering With You’ and ‘Your Name’—Pioneer films now bring us the newest anime film coming to the PH, ‘Hello World’! What’s that? A new anime film? Yep! They’re the same people that brought us hits like ‘Weathering With You’ and ‘Your Name’. And now Pioneer Films, one of the […]

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt teams up in a new film and it’s not a Marvel one

So Tom Holland and Chris Pratt will be starring in a new movie and it’s not Marvel’s like you’re thinking. Sorry to disappoint you Marvel fans, we won’t be seeing Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as Spiderman and Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy) in the big screen together anytime soon! The last time we’ve seen from these […]

[UPDATED] The End of the F***ing World’ Season 2’s release date

Bring out a bright pen and mark your calendars! Because ‘The End of the F***ing World’ is finally returning next month! The hit series ‘The End of the F***ng World’ had everyone frustrated on the final episode of season 1. And finally, there is a date on the release of the second season that we […]

5 underrated LINE Webtoons to read!

Spice up your weekend with our top 5 underrated Webtoon comics! Trust us, you’re gonna want to read them later! In case you didn’t know, Webtoon or Webtoons are visual novels that originated from South Korea, much like Japanese manga but slightly better because of its colored aspect. You may have heard of ‘Cheese in The Trap’, ‘Love Alarm‘ […]