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What we know about the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel

It’s finally confirmed! HBO already gave the GO signal to the Game of Thrones proposed prequel on the Targaryen House. When the HBO show ended a few months ago, tons of Game of Thrones fans have expressed their disappointment. In fact, over a million people demanded for a remake of the last season through a […]

OMG! Jeffree Star said ‘Michelle Dy Basics’ is TRASH!

Jeffree Star and Michelle Dy are at it again! I kid you not, but Jeffree Star tweeted that ‘Michelle Dy Basics’ is TRASH! #Shady GIPHY We all know that Jeffree Star can be #SavageAF. But who knew that it was this far up the scale? Because Jeffree Star literally just called Michelle Dy’s new line […]

Wardrobe malfunction victim on ‘It’s Showtime’ speaks up!

We’ve all seen the video. And now that things have settled down a bit, the wardrobe malfunction victim on ‘It’s Showtime!’ finally speaks up!   View this post on Instagram   Flooding your feed with last night’s look. So proud being such an RZQ beybe ❤️ A post shared by Lars Pacheco (@pachecolars) on Oct […]

K-pop boy group EXO is coming back this November!

K-pop fans and EXO-Ls, rejoice! Because your fave boy group, EXO, will be having their comeback soon! People are freaking out on Twitter today and the reason behind it is because K-pop boy group EXO will be having their comeback soon. According to recent reports from the group’s agency SM Entertainment, EXO is preparing a brand […]

Jennifer Aniston reveals FRIENDS is ‘working on something’

Okay, try not to freak out! But Jennifer Aniston just revealed that she and the rest of the FRIENDS cast is ‘working on something‘! GIPHY Just today on the Ellen show, Jennifer Aniston really revealed that she and the rest of the FRIENDS cast are ‘working on something‘. But as to what that something is, […]

No more ‘bibi ko’: Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee broke up—again

It looks like the loveteam we’ve been all looking forward to is officially over! Guess this means no more “bibi ko” for both of them? Zeinab Harake surprised everyone on Saturday after she posted an indirect tweet about someone who couldn’t care less to change. Although she did not specifically mention who the tweet is […]

Solenn Heussaff shows off baby bump wearing a sexy bikini!

28 weeks into her pregnancy, Solenn Heussaff shows off her baby bump while wearing a sexy bikini! Filipino-French actress and model Solenn Heussaff wowed everyone on Sunday as she took it to Instagram to flaunt her baby bump while wearing a sexy bikini. And it looks like pregnancy didn’t do Solenn any wrong or is it […]

Guys, chill. Angel Locsin didn’t plagiarize that painting!

Some of y’all need to chill out! Angel Locsin didn’t plagiarize that painting! GIPHY I’m sure that Richard Gomez’s controversial painting is still fresh in your minds. And now another celebrity is making waves on social media because of a painting. But some people are saying that she actually copied it off someone else. And […]

Last night’s SB19 mall show should serve as a reminder

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but last night’s SB19 mall show at SM Sangandaan was a disaster! And this is why it should serve as a reminder. GIPHY ICYDK Twitter and Facebook are blowing up with rant threads, videos, and photos of last night’s SB19 mall show at SM Sangandaan! In one word, last […]