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FEATURES: Why we don’t need another season of 13 Reasons Why

We don’t need to reiterate ourselves why the controversial 13 Reasons Why series doesn’t need another season. But if you must know, here’s why! Apparently, the previously canceled ’13 Reasons Why’ is back for another season. But despite the hype, some aren’t amused with another refrain of the problematic lives of the students of Liberty […]

FEATURES: Weathering With You screening date in SM Cinema finally announced!

It’s just in! Makoto Shinkai’s Weathering With You gets a PH release date via SM Cinema! In case you missed it, ‘Weathering With You‘ got its official release date in Philippine cinemas. Philippine theater chain SM Cinema listed the ‘Weather With You’ screening date on August 21, 2019, nationwide. The screening date has been officially […]

FEATURES: American Horror Story: 1984 shows off classic slasher movie genre

Get ready for more as American Horror Story: 1984 unveils Season 9 inspired by a timeless classic slasher movie, Friday the 13th! Following the success of American Horror Story Season 8, Apocalypse, they blast to the past with Season 9. Contrary to Season 8 with a modern theme, Season 9 goes back, giving tribute to […]

FEATURES: The Killer Bride trailer is out!

Maja Salvador comes back once more with a challenging role as The Killer Bride trailer unveils a new primetime teleserye. A few days ago, ABS-CBN dropped the trailer of their newest upcoming teleserye. And it will be starring one of ABS-CBN’s well sought actress, Maja Salvador. The Killer Bride, the network’s newest teleserye, is schedule […]

FEATURES: Thor: Love and Thunder to feature a female Thor

A female Thor wielding the Mjolnir? Totally badass! Let’s unpack everything we know so far about Thor: Love and Thunder casting a female Thor! A female actress to wield the Mjolnir and Thor’s powers was the last thing we expected. But it might not be the last thing we want! ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ features […]

FEATURES: Best Underrated Japanese Animated Films

No one really asked but here’s some of the best underrated Japanese animated films that you should add to your watch list. Because there are more great films other than Spirited Away and Kimi no Nawa. But seriously speaking, aside from your Studio Ghibli favorites, there’s a lot of other great animated films. From a […]

FEATURES: Taika Waititi returns with a dark satire film about World War II

Breaking barriers, visionary director Taika Waititi brings forth Jojo Rabbit, an anti-hate satirical film set during World War II. Before he proceeds with Marvel’s Phase 4 films, Taika Waititi serves us a dark comedy drama film about World War II. It’s quite a risk, trying to pull off a great satire, especially about Nazi Germany. […]

FEATURES: A quick look on Hulu’s Looking For Alaska series

In cased you missed it, Hulu’s Looking For Alaska finally releases a sneak peek of upcoming miniseries! In cased you missed it, Hulu unveiled a few first looks of their upcoming miniseries, Looking For Alaska. Featuring a few familiar faces, you’ll find yourself looking back to 2005. Looking For Alaska is one of John Green‘s […]

FEATURES: Marvel Phase 4 finally announced!

Marvel Studios goes all out at the San Diego Comic Con as they finally unveiled the Marvel Phase 4! During the San Diego Comic Con, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios revealed Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Feige, the entire slate of Phase 4 includes fan-favorite characters. However, this time, they added […]