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Gordo is officially part of the Lizzie McGuire reboot!

Lizzie McGuire wouldn’t be who she is today without her best friends, and one of them has officially signed on to be a part of the Lizzie McGuire reboot!   Now we know what dreams are made of! Because Adam Lamberg is reprising his role as Gordo and is now officially part of the Lizzie […]

UAAP who? FEU wins Golden Kubeta Awards 2019!

The FEU Tamaraws lead the charge to a cleaner and greener initiative! Kubeta PH Official Facebook Page The FEU Tamaraws flushed away the competition as they have just won the Golden Kubeta Awards 2019! Who cares about basketball right now, like, UAAP who? Not when FEU has just bagged the award for having the best […]

Brendon Urie, TAEYEON Sing ‘Into the Unknown’ from Frozen 2

Frozen 2 just came out today! Moreover, we just can’t get enough of Elsa’s song, ‘Into The Unknown‘. As people who grew up watching Disney’s animated movies, we can’t help but just really be excited every time a new one comes out. May it be a brand new story, a remake of a classic, or […]

Inigo Pascual debuts his ‘Catching Feelings’ MV at the NBA!

Inigo Pascual proves once again that Filipino talent is worthy of the international stage! As he debuted the MV for his hit single ‘Catching Feelings’ at the NBA!   Filipino artist Inigo Pascual is grabbing headlines, as he debuts his ‘Catching Feelings’ MV at the NBA! So not only did he premiere the MV for […]

The One with the Chandler and ‘Joker’ Cinematic Parallels

By now, we already know that memes are fueling the social media world. After all, they are frickin’ hilarious! Speaking of memes, it all started when Matthew Perry tweeted a meme featuring him and the new Joker. The photo showed a cinematic parallel between Chandler Bing, the actor’s character from the sitcom TV series ‘Friends‘, […]

‘Tag-Araw’ by Janine Teñoso is perfect for Miracle in Cell No. 7

With the coming of the Metro Manila Film Festival, we are getting more excited for ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7‘. In case you missed it, the official entries for the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFF have been recently released. One of them is the most-awaited Filipino remake of the Korean film, ‘Miracle in […]

Here’s a look at this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival entries!

There are only a few days left until the holidays! And you know what that means—the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019 is fast-approaching! Check out the full entries here! 2019 has been a good run for Filipino film artistry. First, we had the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino in September. Next, we had the C1 Originals […]

‘Family Is Forever’: The ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2019

The new ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID is out and it has an important message! Learn more about it here. Every year, there is one thing that we all look forward to during the holiday seasons: the Christmas Station ID of one of the country’s biggest television networks, ABS-CBN. With the anticipation for its annual release, […]

A Mini One Direction Reunion with Niall and Louis Just Happened!

Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson just sang the One Direction song ‘Little Black Dress’ together and we are crying! We are not kidding when we say that a huge chunk of our adolescent years involved listening to a lot of One Direction songs. Admittedly, we were not super huge fangirls of the four guys, but […]