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The Cinema of Wong Kar-Wai: Setting The Mood Through Music

  Wong Kar-Wai is and always has been one of my favorite filmmakers of all-time. His striking imagery, masterful camerawork that perfectly captures his own version of Hong Kong in his films is undeniably what sets him apart from other filmmakers. He is an auteur of salient and striking cinema and has greatly influenced me […]

Typical Party Personalities You Will Always Encounter

With the right mix of different party personalities, one event is bound to be a night worth-remembering. A group of introverts won’t have as much fun as a group with mixed interests.  You’ll end up in a routine if you keep hanging out with the same crowd, so better get out there and try to […]

Replay and Respawn: A Glance at Soundtracks in Gaming

  I always had an affinity for gaming since I was a kid. I would hang out at arcade shops for hours at a time, and during our early childhood years, my parents got me and my siblings our very first console—my affinity only grew deeper. Growing up whilst having an older brother, I was […]

Trap Soul: An Emerging Local HipHop Movement

The current local music scene of today became more and more diverse. With the influx of indie-bands popping-out, electronic producers experimenting with different sounds and of course, local hip-hop with it’s new emerging movement that embrace a specific type of sound—Trap Soul.   Headlining the movement are artists like Al James along with his label […]

The Rise of Ex-Battalion, Shanti Dope and the Evolution of Pinoy Hiphop

You can literally hear their songs everywhere, from Ex-Battallion’s Hayaan Mo na Sila” to Shanti Dope’s “Nadarang” from your local tricycle and jeepney terminals, wet-markets and other well-populated areas. They surely took the radio by storm. And when I say by storm, I mean BY STORM. Why Does It Work? Some say, it’s corny, repetitive, […]

Indie Tracks to Add to Your Valentine’s Mixtape

Valentine’s is one sleep away and there’s a good chance you probably forgot to get your significant other a gift. With these indie tracks on your mixtape (or playlist, whatever floats your boat), your SO won’t even realize it was a last-minute gift!   “The Moon Song” – Karen O & Ezra Koenig     […]

5 Albums to Ugly Cry to this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is really nothing but a Hallmark holiday, but we humans have really taken it to heart. If you’re happy celebrating it with a significant other then that’s great; if you’re not, well, this is for you.   “In Tongues” – Joji   Many know Joji for his viral shenanigans as Filthy Frank/Pink Guy, […]

5 Tips We Learnt from Our First Sinulog Weekend Experience

Sinulog can either turn into one hell of a fun weekend or a learning experience that will never make you want to go for a second round. The AfterParty team got the opportunity to experience Sinulog 2018 and we’ve narrowed down our top five tips for surviving the crazy weekend!     Wear Plastic Boots […]

50 Cent Accidentally Made Millions from Bitcoin

There’s an obvious coin joke somewhere between 50 Cent’s name and cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But unless you accidentally made eight million dollars from it, you can’t joke about 50’s business practices.   “Animal Ambition”   50 Cent made history by becoming the first rapper to accept Bitcoin payments for his sixth studio album “Animal Ambition”. Released […]

Ed Sheeran Announces Engagement to Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran had a great 2017 but his engagement to longtime girlfriend Cherry Seaborn is the icing on the cake. The singer-songwriter announced their engagement over the weekend via Instagram. Future Mrs. Sheeran   According to the Daily Mail, Seaborn works as a senior consultant in risk advisory at an accounting firm called Deloitte. The […]